在放假和放疗后重返教学,一直是我所想的-充满挑战。完成我一天的精神错乱像Spriviva的COPD广告中的大象一样压在我的胸口。我的大脑充满了似乎无法完成的待办事项清单。我醒着,微动, 我明天该如何做(或者应该说今天)?我会很忙。我需要我能获得的所有能量。我会筋疲力尽. I’ve battled with insomnia for several years now.  它没有’t happen to me frequently, but when it occurs, it can be extremely annoying. I decided to get up, as I usually do, and read to reset my sleep routine and calm my racing mind.

I settled into a chair, snuggled up in a blanket, and began reading.  I have been reading the Old Testament, revisiting all the classic narratives of the establishment of 神’s relationship with humans.  It’s all there—infidelity, murder, war, plagues, rape, incest…as well as hope, love, faithfulness, peace, passion, freedom.  As I began reading 1 Samuel, I realized I was being reintroduced to a fellow insomniac: Samuel. Of course, it wasn’t poor Samuel’s mind 那 was keeping him awake, but the voice of 神.

The story 是 in 1 Samuel chapter three.  As a baby, Samuel’s mother promised him to the Lord, and has begun his apprenticeship in the temple to the priest there, Eli.  Samuel and Eli have gotten comfortable and are nodding to sleep, kept company 通过 the dimly glowing lamp of 神.  As his eyes are closing, however, Samuel hears a voice sharply call his name.  Instantly, Samuel wakes and rushes to find Eli, asking what Eli wants of him.  Eli, grumpy at being awakened after just going to sleep, tells Samuel to go back to bed.  The same 事情 happens two more times before Eli realizes what 是 happening. When Samuel comes to him for the third time, Eli gives Samuel instructions:



 Samuel 确实 exactly as Eli orders, using Eli’s exact words.  It 是 with this statement 那 Samuel begins a dialogue with 神 那 lasts his entire life. The life of a prophet 是 a dicey one, as a prophet’s job as a mouthpiece of the Lord 是 often to proclaim uncomfortable news.  This happens to Samuel right away when he realizes it’s going to be his unpleasant job to explain the Lord’s displeasure with Eli and his family… not the most comfortable position to be in for Samuel, as The New Prophet On the Block.

After re-reading Samuel’s story, I am trying to view my insomnia through a different lens now. When I am awakened, I pause, and I try not to be immediately annoyed. I give myself a chance to fall back to sleep, but if I 不要’t, I get up, find a comfortable chair, wrap up in a blanket, and wait.  I hear the gentle 滴答滴答 of the clock on the wall and listen to the creaking of our house as it settles.  I breathe quietly, slowly, rhythmically. I whisper Samuel’s (actually Eli’s) words exactly: “Speak, Lord, for 您r servant 是 listening.” I haven’t gotten a direct response yet, but I have spent much more quality time with 神 in the dark hours of the night. My guess 是, He’s appreciated it more since I’m too tired to bug Him about everything else I’ve been casting at His feet (not 那 I 不要’t do 那 as well, too).








  • “一种具有反复出现的主旋律的音乐形式,通常在奏鸣曲或协奏曲的最终乐章中找到”

  • 回旋曲’s form 是 comprised of a refrain 那 是 repeated between other melodic material, called “episodes”

  • 它的形式通常是A B A C A

每年夏天,我的家人都会降落在北卡罗来纳州一个名为Emerald Isle的奇妙小屏障岛上。阿姨,叔叔,堂兄和祖父母成群结队,互相放松和娱乐’的公司。白天的绵延与沙滩的沙滩一样长。夜晚充满了美味的海鲜,竞技游戏(喜欢拼字游戏和扑克游戏)以及无休止的交谈,所有这些都伴随着奔波的冲浪声带。今年也没有例外。很高兴见到每个人,看看他们的孩子从蹒跚学步的孩子成长为富有品味的少年,似乎在一夜之间如何成长。

一天早晨,当我坐在沙滩椅上与堂兄Tracy聊天时,我看到她看着她的小男孩在我十几岁的儿子(Shelby)和我的丈夫(Doug)旁边的沙子上忙着挖。“Look at them,”她笑着说。“你知道吗,我记得很小,道格为我们在沙子上挖了大洞。然后,当我长大时,我记得小时候跟谢尔比一起玩……”她停下来笑了。“现在,谢尔比正在和我的小孩子一起玩! Isn’t it amazing?”我同意。看着时间流逝,一步一步地改变着我们生活的海岸线,真是太神奇了。它’这对我来说仍然是一个奇迹。

令我震惊的是我的侄女和侄子生孩子时的样子。这些孩子(所以他们’他们二十多岁’对我来说仍然及时冻结 孩子们)我的爱抚者和尿布者现在有自己的孩子。“The 儿童桌”所有侄女和侄子聚集在一起享受喧闹的用餐时间“第二成人桌。”我们将需要购买另一个“Kids Table”适应不断出现的新的小型海滩精梳机。现在我们的心和我们的海滨别墅一样饱满!








从大地洗净翅膀’s clay


不要徘徊在陶工里’s shop








有时充满。 [p。 42]

鲁米’生命小书: 心灵的花园心与灵。由Maryam Mafi和Azima Melita Kolin翻译。弗吉尼亚州夏洛茨维尔(Charlottesville),弗吉尼亚:汉普顿路出版社(Hampton Roads Publishing),2012年。我最亲爱的朋友卡里·斯凯珀(Kari Skipper)给我。





I started this blog as a commentary to celebrate and study the joy of the common, every day, ordinary (B-Flat), 事情s in life. I’ve decided I’d like to write using themes 那 您, Dear Reader, can suggest. So, here’s the first:



  • 生活的真essence……

  • 不仅吸入空气,而且将其呼出……

  • 英语基础之一’最令人振奋的词-”inspire,”及其所有派生词(来自拉丁语动词“启发,” 含义“to breathe”).

    According to Genesis 2:7, 神 literally breathes Adam to life, suggesting 那 breath 是 the source of humankind’s creation. References to the breath of 神 appear numerous times later in the Bible, too. 神’呼吸可以创造丰富的生活,使信徒充满信心,并象征着神圣的存在。它的力量还会造成破坏,恐怖和混乱。所有这些方面都是在第一次基督教五旬节时期揭露的,或者“The Fiftieth Day”(表示逾越节后的第五十天)。

    昨天是五旬节星期日,这是礼拜日程中我最喜欢的日子之一。关于圣灵赐予门徒的惊人记载是圣经中最丰富多彩的故事之一(使徒行传2)。有些基督徒对任何被描绘为“magical”在圣经中,但我可以’t imagine 您 could call this occurrence anything but miraculous. Along with several other 相信rs, the disciples 是 gathered in a room, praying, talking, and waiting for the next step 神 would reveal in the new plan, now 那 Jesus was no longer on earth to guide them.

    神’s plan comes with the primitive elemental forces of air and fire. A rush of violent wind, the breath of 神, fills every space and corner in the room.  This 是 no wafting breeze, no gentle zephyr wind 您 might feel on a morning in June; no, this was like experiencing a raging tornado at close range. Fire in the form of tongues of flame—one of the oldest signs of the presence of the Holy of Holies—appears above the heads of the disciples. It was miraculous, but it was more than likely terrifying as well to all who witnessed it. It seems 那 神 decided to “走戏剧路线” to shake the disciples from out of their current posture of waiting into a more dynamic posture of acting. 神’的气息转变为圣灵,在房间里咆哮,燃烧着门徒和早期的基督徒,开始传播耶稣’关于地球尽头的故事。


    但是,语言不只是说而已。语言也被编写,并将在圣经和使徒保罗等早期基督徒的未来教义中至关重要。保罗本人甚至说“All scripture 是 神-breathed and 是 useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so 那 the servant of 神 may be thoroughly equipped for every 好 work.” (2 Timothy 3:16)

    也许有人会读圣经并质疑保罗’s belief 那 all of it 是 inspired 通过 神. If it 是 truly inspired 通过 神, wouldn’圣经中发生的一切都公平吗?不会’福音的所有记载都完美地匹配而没有差异吗?不会’t all of 神’先知,门徒,统治者和国王是好的,正直的公民吗?那所有的“smiting” 神 seemed to enjoy doing in the Old Testament?

    There 是 certainly much to 思考 in these age-old questions, and the answer may be 那 there 是 no answer—none 那 will entirely satisfy us anyway. In his sermon entitled “圣经的灵感吗?,”詹姆士·C·豪威尔博士牧师是这样说的:

Yes, this 是 All the Scripture 那 是 inspired.  Messy, human, broken, miserably lacking in potential and lackluster in performance.  Why would 神 use such a book?  Because 神 wanted the book to  make sense to 人 like us.  Because 神 wanted to redeem the broken, lackluster and messy.  神’s very project to save us was to become one of us, and a poor, no account guy from out in the middle of nowhere who recruited few followers, and those failed him.  He was accused of partying too heartily, carousing with the wrong types, then he died a brutal, criminal death, a shameful showing for a sad human being, much less 神 almighty. This 是 神’的故事,这就是我和你的故事。这确实是一个惊人的美丽故事。

So let us breathe in the story. Let us feel the mighty wind swirl around us. Let us feel the heat of a holy flame alight above us. Let us even be afraid for a moment or two. Then, let us be divinely inspired 通过 神’一口气说到我们知道的希望就是我们的希望。













也许你’ll think I’m strange (if 您 不要’t already), but one 事情 I enjoy when preparing my garden 是 pulling weeds. There’s something so satisfying about grabbing a weed and hearing 那 little 流行! as it releases its hold on the earth. Reveling in the progress at the end of a long weed-pulling session 是 so wonderful—to finally see clear ground again 那 becomes a canvas for new plants.


虽然我承认我喜欢被杂草“puller”,我现在正在经历成为“pullee” as well. I am realizing more and more 那 being a B型公寓 基督ian can also be synonymous with being a Comfortable 基督ian. I was planted here in my garden and, over the years, have pushed my roots gradually into the warm soil of safety. I have had the sunshine of 好 health and have been watered with blessings of family, personal success, and daily bread.


I am now noticing as I have been luxuriating in my soil 那 some weeds are beginning to be pulled from around me, and frankly, it 是 a scary feeling. These weeds have surrounded me and have made me feel secure. They shield me from the elements and they encircle me in their leafy comfort. Nevertheless, 他们是杂草。我发现自己在说,“等一下,主,你把我带到这里了!一世’m doing 好 事情s—the 事情s I thought 您 wanted me to do! Why are 您 pulling up 那 weed? It was a nice weed! It was pretty! It was green and even had a sweet little flower!” That’s when I hear the 流行! and in an instant, 那 weed 是 gone, and I am left, staring at the newly-opened spaces around me, startled, bereft, and vulnerable.


Now 那 some of those weeds are gone, however, I am noticing 那 I am able to stretch out the leaves of my spirit and grow into the spots 那 是 once held 通过 those weeds. I am growing inward and outward in ways 那 I am only just beginning to comprehend. Maybe the weeds 是 protecting me, but they may have also been sheltering me from being more than B型公寓. They may have even been hindering me, even if they 是 pretty and green.


I am learning 那 I am becoming tired of being secure in my B型公寓 garden. Every day, 神 是 pulling away more and more of my security, but 是 surrounding me 通过 other plants—people—who are nurturing and feeding 我。 They are spurring me on, creating buds of inspiration I never could have imagined.


I have much to face in the next few weeks. Here 是 the truly worrisome 事情: I think 那 though 神 是 不要e with pulling for now, He may now be in the process of getting a shovel. Some of those weeds do not want to come out and a stronger tool might be used to force them to release their hold. I am ready.







那 sends out its roots 通过 the stream.














6他们在那里的时候,婴儿的出生时机到了.7她生下了长子,一个儿子。她用布包住他, 把他放在马槽里,因为没有可供他们使用的客房。



41.在耶稣被钉十字架的地方,有一个花园,在花园里有一座新墓,从来没有人埋过。 42因为这是犹太人的预备日,而且由于墓在附近, 他们把耶稣放在那里。




被放置,被 放下当我们身体健全,健康的成年人时,这种情况并不常见。通常,它仅在您无法自己完成时才会发生。当您被其他人聚集时,这是完全投降,最终信任的标志。’的手臂,休息一下。


昨天我有机会聚集在MRI机上休息一下。一周前,我被诊断出患有乳腺癌,我需要进行MRI检查以更好地了解’发生了。甜美的护士们轻轻地帮助我躺在肚子上的滑垫上,坐得很舒服。插入IV线并系好耳机后(我需要一些U2’s 难忘的火 为了让我有勇气通过这个过程),我的身体滑入了MRI管。


不必为此感到毛骨悚然,但这有点像葬在坟墓里。最初,一股幽闭恐怖症冲刷了我,我不得不专心于低而深的呼吸。为了使自己保持镇定,我开始专注于U2的单词’s haunting ballad “Bad”:












I’m wide awake


I’m not sleeping



Other than my arms falling asleep, my panic was manageable and I was able to stay centered and relaxed through 那 exceedingly long half hour. When it was over, the nurses came back in and, taking my arms, gently helped me sit up. They 是 wonderful. It 是 incredibly sobering to be at someone else’的怜悯和照顾。


This 是 the first step in my journey with breast cancer. I know 那 sounds like an overused cliché, but it 将会是一个旅程。一世’m going to a place I’从来没有,尽管我之前在2010年和丈夫一起在巨蟹公路上骑过。’不会说我喜欢这次骑行,并且可能赢了’也不能很喜欢这个,但是我的出口号出现了。它’s time to go.


我会说实话,我不知道我从哪里开始写这个博客。我以前从未写过博客,从未真正读过任何人’s blogs on a regular basis. I canno告诉你我多少次’我试图写日记;一世’从来没有能够保持一致并遵循它。一世’我从来没有想过我要说的话特别重要或令人难忘。一世’m B型公寓, after all.


Now I know 那 神 has been reading my blog, too, and even 是 writing it for me, in a way. He read 那 part where I said I was a boring, ordinary, B型公寓 基督ian who had a boring, ordinary, B型公寓 life. I am sure He chuckled quite a bit, rubbing His hands, saying, “嗯,真的吗? Okey dokey,让’s see how we can 固定 那。” I 不要’并不是说他决定“smite” me, per se; rather, I think He decided to begin a new way of life for 我。 神 already knew I had breast cancer, and 那 my blog would be a way of working through my feelings about it—and about other 事情s I’我也一直在想有时候,开始时必须先大张旗鼓,然后再躺下屈服和投降。


Cancer affects millions of other B型公寓 人. I look forward to hearing their Cancer Journeys and determining what it 是 I’m supposed to absorb from this. I am going to try to allow myself to be gathered up, drawn in, hugged tightly, and trust 那 I will be 放下 我可以在那里休息和学习。










福音书对谁与玛丽同行,分享耶稣受膏的痛苦过程的说法有所不同’的身体,但对我来说,’真的很重要那是一群忠实的追随者,他们是女人,而不是门徒之一。对于抹大拉的马利亚和其他这些妇女来说,希望甚至还遥遥无期。希望与耶稣同死了。他们不是’t even sure if they’d因为墓被大石头和皇帝封住,所以首先可以进入该墓’s的印章(您可以通过Google的奇观查看坟墓的图片以及如何以这种方式将其密封)。


My guess 是, these B-flat 女人 had no idea how it was going to happen, but they 是 going to do everything in their power to do what needed to be 不要e. They had no game plan about how 那 stone was going to be moved, or how to get past any guards who might be stationed there keeping watch. Still, no matter how tired, no matter how frightened, no matter how desolate they 是, they 是 going to anoint Jesus’的尸体,不仅是因为它遵循犹太人的法律,还因为他们 决心。他们迫切希望恢复遭受惨痛折磨的人的一点点尊严。另外,准备自己的身体可能有助于接受耶稣确实已经死的不可撤销的事实。然而,当他们到达时,开放的坟墓在等待着他们,复活的故事开始了。它始于穿着白色的天使,不再紧贴尸体的亚麻布,以及欢呼的 女人.


直到读完李·斯特罗贝尔(Lee Strobel)之后,我才再更深入地考虑这一点’s 复活节的理由 最近在我教堂’的书本学习小组。在其中,Strobel发挥了自己的能力,担任新闻记者和编辑。 芝加哥论坛报 to determine if the resurrection could possibly be proven based on facts and evidence. In an interview, renowned theologian, William Lane Craig, asserts 那 one of the key points proving the authenticity of the resurrection 是 那 the gospel writers report openly 那 女人 找到了空墓。


“Any later legendary account would have certainly portrayed male disciples as discovering the tomb—Peter or John, for example. The fact 那 女人 are the first witnesses to the empty tomb 是 most plausibly explained 通过 the reality 那—like it or not—they the discoverers of the empty tomb! This shows 那 the gospel writers faithfully recorded what happened, even if it was embarrassing. This bespeaks the historicity of this tradition rather than its legendary status.” (p. 50)


What 是 humorous, and annoying, I suppose, 是 那 immediately after the 女人 rush back to explain what they had seen, the disciples 不要’路加福音24:11相信他们。我知道他们为什么不’;每个人都见过耶稣’非常公开的审判,酷刑和死亡。它’毫不奇怪,这些女人会被视为歇斯底里的人,甚至有些疯狂。天使?空旷的坟墓?耶稣走路和说话?为了更遥远地承认这种说法,可能会给门徒带来很多不必要的注意,甚至可能需要让一些罗马警卫队稍稍感到不舒服“chat.”这个消息需要保持安静。这些女人需要闭嘴。




When viewing the facts of the resurrection, however, I simply 不要’看不出如何得出这一结论。在所有福音书中,妇女都在那里。妇女们也经常与耶稣和门徒们同在。从所有方面来看,耶稣对待妇女(根据犹太法律,许多人被认为是不洁或不配的)对当时大多数男性来说都是不典型的。门徒当然开始了向整个世界传播基督教的过程,但圣经中也提到了其他妇女在早期教会中也起过领导作用(例如保罗多次提到普里西拉)。


I have no doubt 那 one of the main goals of Jesus’部将包括 大家 in sharing in 神’s loving plan, and 那 meant 那 大家 had a shot, no exclusions. Over and over, Jesus warns of how Samaritans, poor widows, and even little children are just as worthy of a place at 神’s table—maybe even more so—than the strict keepers of the law. Later on, even Gentiles took their rightful place in proclaiming the 好 news and furthering the mission.


And remember, 那 city of debauchery and hedonism, whose leaders put Jesus to death—ROME—is now the very heart of the Catholic Church. Who could ever have imagined THAT on the first Easter? Certainly not Caesar, and certainly not the disciples.


Let us all take 那 walk with Mary Magdalene, a lowly but fierce B型公寓 woman, at 5:15am on 那 Easter morning. Let us be astonished, whispering “拉波尼!”完全震惊突然意识到 相信.






    Not an imposing, be-domed stone edifice with spindly minarets—it actually looks like a small, utilitarian, B型公寓 type of building. If 您 didn’不知道这是一座清真寺,您可能会认为这是某人’的家或某种类型的私人办公室。

    You can imagine the sidelong looks I get when I say 那 我的后院有一座清真寺。 You can perhaps also imagine the interesting comments and questions, too.

“REALLY? Creepy.”


“Isn’t 那 weird?”


“How did they manage to get 那 past zoning requirements?”



    我告诉大家不是“creepy”就像我一样’我见过一直很友好。老实说,我’d宁愿在我的后院拥有一座清真寺,而不是像土耳其山或塔吉特这样的任何其他类型的企业。每个星期五,当人们聚集祈祷时,清真寺周围的街道上到处都是汽车。有些穿着便服,而另一些穿着更传统的衣服,例如长袍和 盖头。周六必须是青年团体活动日,因为开放的院子里满是孩子们踢足球或追逐飞盘时欢呼雀跃。他们的父母参加游戏,或者坐下来观看,在午后的阳光中聊天。就像其他任何人都在享受美好的团契下午一样。

    斋月即将在五月份到来,而清真寺在晚上成为一个更加活跃的聚会场所。一天晚上,我刚去不久,女儿就在房间里给我打电话。’d熄灯。“Mom, what 是 那 “mooing” sound I hear?”我停下来听着,然后打开她的窗户。在温暖的微风中漂浮着,清真寺发出低沉嗡嗡的杂音,这与轻轻降低母牛的情况不同。




    我对此感到脾气暴躁,并于第二天早上向我丈夫提起了它。第二天,我丈夫去了清真寺,和 阿訇, saying 那 we didn’t want to complain, but 那 it had been quite noisy the previous night. The 阿訇 非常抱歉,并向我们保证’不会再发生。它没有’t. I think they know they are in a precarious position in our current tense political climate and 不要’不想打扰我们附近的任何人。他们知道任何小小的违规行为都会给他们带来不必要的关注。

    这让我难过,并让我质疑 全权委托 我们在美国小镇获得基督徒的称赞。例如,我自己的教堂距离我(因此,清真寺)两个街区。我们的教堂在我们的场地外举行过许多大型的庆祝活动或聚会,但我们附近没有人抱怨噪音水平(至少,据我所知)。我们被允许自由出入户外,播放响亮的音乐,打篮球,骑自行车,烧烤和创建喧闹的聚会,而不必担心我们的邻里社区是否会受到冒犯并向我们报警。不同之处在于我们’re not Muslims; we’长老会。我们获得额外的宽限期。

    作为一名B型基督徒,我想成为我的穆斯林邻居的一个宽容邻居。我想对他们的处境表示同情,并想像一下,要在无数基督教教堂包围的地区成为唯一的穆斯林礼拜场所会是多么威吓。我希望他们知道我们欢迎他们进行和平敬拜,并且我将尽最大努力向我们周围的其他人保证,我们有责任做到“3继续彼此兄弟姐妹相爱。 2不要忘了向陌生人表示好客,因为这样做有些人在不知情的情况下向天使表示了好客。”(希伯来人,NIV)。那’关于天使的可笑之处-您永远不会知道他们是否戴着耶稣受难像或 盖头.



The B型公寓 Shepherd Boy Who Would Be King







我可以和大卫有一点联系’是四个女儿中最小的一个。最小的年龄肯定有其优势-您的父母已经处理了其他三个女孩的戏剧,所以他们’在他们到达您的时候(累了)感到筋疲力尽和柔顺。而且,你’看着所有年长的兄弟姐妹,看到他们愚蠢的错误’已经做出,并决定不再 听话 本身,但是 更聪明 than they 是 (not really kidding here). I have no doubt 那’大卫过得怎么样。他知道自己是7岁的最小的儿子,必须在没有遗产帮助的情况下走自己的路。尽管如此,他还是一个忠实的儿子,并决心像他所有的兄弟一样养羊,以学习家族生意。


作为最小的孩子,它也可能有点寂寞。你永远被称为“the baby,”通常,您自己玩游戏是因为您太少了,无法参加较年长的兄弟姐妹的游戏。我比我的下一个姐姐小四岁,比我的姐姐小九岁。我学会了娱乐自己,我’我敢肯定大卫也这样做。当你’如果要让牧羊人一次在野外露营几天,您不仅必须学会娱乐自己,而且还必须对完全依赖您的才智和技能的其他人负责。牧羊是艰苦,有臭味和危险的工作,尤其对于像大卫这样的小男孩来说。按照当今的大多数标准,大卫将是国王的绝对最终选择。


圣经故事很有趣“Cinderalla-esque” in nature, in 那 Jesse parades each one of his fine older sons before Samuel, each one certain to win the Lord’s favor and to be anointed as the next king of Israel. It 是 verse 7 那 是 so compelling here:



But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord 确实 not look at the 事情s 人 look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (NRSV)


换句话说,第7节说:“身体强壮的领导者可能没有我工作所需的屈服精神。然而,一个看起来年轻且缺乏经验的人(甚至可能有人认为“B-Flat”)可能具有更好的应变能力和意愿。” While confidence 是 an attractive trait, it can trick us into a false sense of 思维 we are as smart as 神 是. Samuel certainly thought he could predict 神’s choice, and was astonished to find himself anointing the handsome yet seemingly unremarkable B型公寓 son, David, instead.


I fervently 相信 那 神 has an ingenious sense of humor. 神 是 utterly predictable in 那 He 是 totally 不可预知的, which 是 how He 喜欢 it. He 是 the 神, after all, whose Son was born in a stable. He 是 also the 神 who watched 那 same Son die on the cross. No one could have predicted 那 choice.


As a B型公寓 基督ian, I want to be astonished and overwhelmed 通过 the 事情s I cannot possibly imagine or predict 那 神 will do. As Gerard W. Hughes states in his book, The 神 of Surprises, “Because we are all liable to self-deception and tend to use 神 and 基督 to justify and support our own narrow ways of 思维 and acting, we need the institutional and the critical elements of the Church as a check to our self-deception, but ultimately it 是 基督 himself who 是 our teacher. 基督 是 a mystery. We can never possess the truth of 基督: all we can do 是 beg to be possessed 通过 him, his truth and his love ‘这是万能的。”” (p. 110)





Being more than B型公寓 Through 基督, 连接, and 更正



在以前的帖子中,我’ve shared 那 I need Jesus 基督 as my DIY video to guide my way; 那 I need 连接 与其他与我一起奋斗的人;最后,我需要 更正.


43 “You have heard 那 it was said, ‘You shall love 您r neighbor and hate 你的敌人.’ 44 但是我对你说,爱你的敌人,为那些逼迫你的人祈祷, 45 so 那 您 may be children of 您r Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the 好, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous. 46 如果你爱那些爱你的人,你会得到什么回报?甚至收税员也这样做吗? 47 如果只打招呼你的兄弟姐妹,那么你比别人做的还多?连外邦人也一样吗? 48 因此,要完美无瑕,因为天父是完美无瑕的。

当我阅读这些经文时,我会感觉到我的胸部和喉咙紧绷,因为我知道这些经文是为了 我。 它没有’耶稣几个世纪前讲过这些话。耶稣正对着我看着他说的话“don’t 您 get it?”看,我感到ham愧。阅读圣经可以做到这一点;一些段落在内部深处拉起了和弦,这对我来说就是其中之一。我需要每天阅读这段文章,以提醒我为什么我要成为一名基督徒,而不仅仅是一个“道德纤维的好人。”作为一个基督徒,我应该比那些没有信仰的人更加爱,宽容和振奋。’t。我们爱上回报我们的人是很自然的,’很简单!不,这段文字更多地是关于判断谁值得我的爱和宽恕,耶稣在这里说“EVERYONE.” He 确实n’不要在他的呼吸下说“但那里不是那个强奸犯,” or “但不是那个对你说粗鲁的人,” or “但不是只给您中指的那个人。”如果他真的是说他的话,那么他的意思甚至是那些在我看来不配的人。

This, my friends, 是 an incredibly sobering thought, and this 是 my daily struggle: 那 I do not get to decide who 是 worthy or deserving. For me, it 是 my greatest weakness, because I like to think I know who 确实 保证宽限期。每天,我都必须回想起原谅那滑溜溜的斜坡,仔细看一下我那尴尬的部分,’不要介意把别人推下那坡,而不是伸出我的手来原谅。一世’宁愿看着他们跌倒在地,以一种自满的语气说,“that’s what 您 get!”

那就是当我重新打开该DIY视频并看着耶稣医治在那里的士兵的耳朵时,他会带他遭受酷刑和死亡。那是当我去教堂和与自己进行战斗的其他人坐在一起时,他们在我自己的战斗中安慰我,甚至都不知道。那是我向那些讨厌,卑鄙,讨厌的人祈祷的时候,因为我必须这样做。他们需要我的帮助,我的理解…因为我’m a B型公寓 基督ian, but I want to be better.


为什么要去教堂?它’s about CONNECTION

为什么要去教堂?它’s about CONNECTION



在以前的帖子中,我 discussed how Jesus and his DIY videos in the Bible provide a life pattern for us as B型公寓 基督ians. This 是n’然而,我们独自经历的事情;我们需要在此过程中与他人建立联系。


As a B型公寓 基督ian, it’s possible 那 您 不要’甚至不去教堂。实际上,’s more likely 那 您 不要’t go to church. You 相信 in 神, 您 try to do the “爱自己的邻居” 事情, 您 even say a blessing before 您 eat dinner. Isn’t 那 enough? Why 确实 church matter?

According to multiple on-line articles, recent research states 那 most millennials 不要’不要参加教堂,因为他们觉得这与他们无关,并且没有在谈论他们的需要(recklesslyalive.com,thesaltcollective.com,讨论这个问题)。因此,有一种说法是教会处于昏迷状态,而预后是教会没有’t going to make it. Perhaps I am clueless, but I 不要’t 相信 this, and we as B型公寓 基督ians should collectively dispute this narrative. I will not deny there are kernels of truth here and there, but let’钻得更深一些。

以下是我的一些陈述’ve最近听说或读过为何Church今天失去会员资格。一世’我增加了一些想法“想着你的心”就像玛丽在耶稣旋风之后所做的一样’s birth (Luke 2:19). I love 那 word—思考-因为它暗示的不仅仅是 思维 关于某事。它表示对某物的亲切,亲切的观察,将其置于光线下,从各个角度一次又一次地观察它。

1)您可以在周日早上看电视去教堂,或者甚至是通过广播收听福音(无论如何,根据马伦·莫里斯的话),对吗?教会可以在您碰巧出现的任何地方,坦率地说,您可以在几乎任何地方’d rather be.


你可以认为你’通过看电视,听播客,听广播等方式去教堂’s not church.


教会是关于社区的,这意味着’关于与他人在一起。它’关于分享思想,负担,梦想,悲伤的知识。您可以’t share these 事情s with an inanimate object—a TV, a computer screen, an iPod. Writing a comment on someone’的Facebook feed不是对话。

I’我不是说观看宗教表演是’t a fine 事情 to do, but it should not replace walking with others, making discoveries together, and being a source of hope for 您r community 通过 lifting up the poor and disadvantaged.

Church 是 about time, a very precious commodity, and 是 another reason why many B型公寓 基督ians 不要’t feel like going to church. If 您 are allergic to committees, then 不要’t serve on one. If 您 不要’不想对主日学负责,或为祭坛提供鲜花,或做迎宾员,什一奉献者或您要承担的其他任何职责“going to church,” fine. I can’告诉你我多少次’ve heard 人 say “I want to go to church, but 不要’不能让我做任何事。” Okay. If 那’您可以处理的,然后执行。我无法想象你去教堂的那一天不会吸收灵魂的需求。

2) There are a lot of 事情s to get 不要e on Sundays。您的孩子可能有足球训练;房子是个残骸,需要打扫;而且它’是您有时间去看电影的唯一一天。为什么要浪费去教堂?


大多数教堂在您去教堂的时候都有很多选择,通常,在星期日,您会参加不止一次的礼拜。  一些教堂在整个星期提供服务,因此您可以利用其中之一,’你呢?如果没有正式的教堂礼拜’t what 您’re after, then find a Bible Study, or small group, to be part of. Small groups often do other 事情s outside of the meeting time. Others need to hear 您, to get to know 您, and in our society today, it’令人信服的是,人们继续尝试找到聚会的方式并开始交谈。

 3) Why go to church and force 您rself to listen to what a 坏 person 您 are? 所有坦白的东西-到底是什么意思?您的自尊心每天都在跳动,无论是否’您的孩子对您刚才说的那句话rolling之以鼻,听起来很时髦;或您的老板,他再次告诉您您的最新项目证明了脚趾甲的创新。在星期天,您需要被提起,而不是告诉您如何进行自我修复。


Confession 是 not fun, nor 是 admitting the fact 那 您 can be a jerk。你知道你是。我肯定是教会为自我反思提供了时间,这是我们文化倾向于只在表面上做的事情。不是我们不是’天上没有涉及到我们自己,顺便说一句,您一天要拍几张自拍照?您会更新几次Facebook,Twitter和Instagram帐户?你多久算一次“likes”你最近有帖子吗?我们可以称自己为“our culture,” or “millennials,” or “Gen X-ers” or “Baby Boomers”(请选择,或插入其他内容),但谁希望所有内容都个性化。我们是如此地自我投入,认为所有不适合我们自己的需求和自我满足的事物都不有价值。

在镜子里看着自己不是’t really 看着 对你自己。您需要查看 内镜. If 您 不要’如果不喜欢看到的东西,则需要确定如何使其正确。无论’祈祷,为某事向某人道歉’ve said or 不要e, whatever, self-reflection and bringing about change in 您rself 是 part of confession. We 不要’我们往往不会在家中或工作中独自完成此事;如果您在教堂做这件事,您会感到有些责任。它也成为一种共享的体验,每个人都以一个统一的声音在一起坦白。无论合唱中听到一组声音,都有不可否认的力量’承认缺点,阅读诗篇,祈祷或背诵信条。

Yes, 基督ians can be hypocrites.  News flash: 基督ians are not perfect and have tons of short-comings.  You are also a hypocrite, about 事情s 您 probably do not even realize.  It 是 still not a reason to deny 那 church could be a place to help 您 discover, and even 提高 事情s about 您rself

4)然后那里’s the music。如果你去教堂,你’我必须听那些闷气的赞美诗“带进来” (insert “令人讨厌的当代基督教音乐,” or “dumb liturgical chant stuff 那 您 不要’t know”根据需要)。合唱团不算是一流的,风琴师花了一半的时间试图听起来像“歌剧魅影 ” or something.


This 是 a centuries old argument, but the fact 是 那 music 是 still being used in creative ways to enhance worship, no matter what type. Perhaps the number one 事情 那 churches argue about 是 what type of music should be in the service. My own church has had this discussion for years, and while we now have a contemporary service, there are still some residual negative feelings about it.

作为一名大学二年级学生,我必须修读音乐史两个学期。我惊讶地发现,关于音乐的分歧持续了几个世纪。在文艺复兴时期,音乐美学是平衡,对称,可预测和解决的不和谐以及完全美丽。 Palestrina可能是体现这种风格的作曲家。切到1600’突然间,您在音乐厅里听到了一种全新的美感,即单声(一个声音伴随一个和弦乐器) 阶梯阶梯 (将文本的情感表达作为所有音乐作品的重点)和歌剧(通过音乐使用小提琴和 阶梯阶梯 一起)。克劳迪奥·蒙特维第(Claudio Monteverdi)是当时最先进,最单轨的作曲家之一,他创作了许多惊人的作品,它们利用礼仪性文字和弥撒音乐的一部分,但以前所未有的方式,因为他还创作了歌剧。某些新的世俗风格似乎开始渗入他的新神圣风格,这似乎是很自然的。

你猜怎么了?人们讨厌它。他们说,“Wait, 那’是我们在一周的歌剧中听到的,而不是我们听到的’应该在教堂里听到。这位蒙特维第(Monteverdi)的人打破了所有适合敬拜耶和华的音乐的规则。” Sound familiar?

我非常强烈地认为音乐是一种个人表达,因此每个人对音乐的体验都不相同。为了解决这种差异,教会需要提供多种风格以吸引会众。会众必须理解圣灵向所有人讲话,而圣灵如何对您讲话不是它对我讲话。真的可以一定可以我们必须停止对音乐做出价值判断,而是称之为音乐“good” or “bad”-因为它没有帮助我们团结起来,没有进一步推动我们的事业,从根本上讲是没有必要的。

5)为什么总有老人的时候去教堂? You need to go to a church where there are 您th, 您ng adults, children. You 不要’t have anything in common with old 人, and 大家 says churches who have no 您ng 人 are dying. If 您 不要’如果看不到教堂里的年轻人,就应该转身走出去。


I think we all realize 那 the hair in our congregations looks grayer than it used to。大多数人会承认,与后代相比,年纪较大的人长大后会上教堂。结果,对于老年人来说,去教堂更习惯。现在,向我解释一下,为什么这是一件坏事?为什么千禧一代(或80’s 人 like me, or X世代, or whomever) think 那 going to church with old 人 是 uncool? I know, church should be full of 人 from all walks of life and all ages, but if my church has more older folks, when did 那 become a 坏 事情? When did going to church with 人 who “look just like me”成为理想的规范?

The way our culture treats the older generation 是, in my opinion, pretty awful. Often, 人 不要’t live near their grandparents and 不要’与他们有牢固的关系。新的“thing”对于老年人来说,他们应该在退休社区里共同生活,远离年轻人,远离孩子。更糟糕的是,当老年人变得虚弱时,他们会进入疗养院,“荣耀前的最后一站。”老年人与社会其他人的分离使我感到震惊。

我觉得教会为年轻人提供了一个绝佳的机会,让他们与老年人相识并结识。我的孩子有“adopted” some of our older church members as second grandparents, as my parents 不要’t住在附近。我的女儿特别喜欢在教堂做星期天的早晨聚会,拥抱着成千上万的老人们,他们每个星期都期待着她的拥抱。如果我们去一个充满年轻人尖叫的大型教堂,我可以’没想到她会那样自在。对于我们的家人来说,它奏效。

此外,我的教会为我们的老年人提供了许多社交活动。坦白说,我教会中的许多老年人使我为他们在我教会中所做的大量社区组织感到羞耻,无论是否’为新生婴儿做被子,在周六为无家可归的人提供免费的正餐,或者只是聚在一起去看音乐表演。我们的老年人很活跃,还有什么’s more, they’re retired. They’渴望出去做事,也没有计划很快放慢脚步。这些人使我无言以对,感到敬畏,只能希望自己像现在这样活跃。我们年轻的一代有很多东西可以向这些睿智,和and而有趣的人学习。教堂是做这件事的好地方。

6) Of course, the worst 是 the 牧师。这个家伙听起来像本·史汀(Den Stine)。他’s intelligent, but 好 heavens, it 是 so dull sitting there listening to stories about prophets and 人 who died centuries ago. Half of 那 stuff seems irrelevant to us in the twenty-first century.


A 牧师’公会的愿景和领导地位固然很重要,但并不是唯一重要的。我们的教会经历了大约三年的时间’牧师始终如一。我们的牧师病得很重,在他得到医疗帮助的同时,我们有一系列的客座牧师。当那个牧师决定不回到我们的教会时,我们有了一个临时牧师,然后开始了寻找新牧师的艰苦过程。虽然我们确实失去了一些成员,但这次我们还是以某种方式度过了难关并实现了目标。

I will admit, I was angry at those who left our church at the time. To me, it was like giving up on a marriage—you 不要’只是离开,你要努力留下来并使它变得更好。我意识到那些人必须离开,我只能希望他们在其他地方找到一座教堂。现在,我们有一位出色的牧师,他试图引导我们了解我们在社区中应该做的事情。

While having a 牧师 again 是 encouraging, I feel the 牧师 should not BE the church; it 是 the members who compose the body of 基督. No one person 确实 那。 A 牧师 是 a shepherd (from the Latin “pastor”), a person who looks out for the sheep and leads them to where they need to sleep, eat, and be safe. The 事情 to keep in mind 是 那 the sheep will exist without the 牧师; so, a 牧师 should not be synonymous with the Church. A 牧师’布道应该鼓舞人心,但布道不是’t what a church 是 about, either. Church must be more than 那—it needs to be what happens on Sunday, but also what happens outside of the sanctuary. Church must happen in, and abide in, .  Hearing the stories of how the 人 in the Bible handled their relationships with 神 really can inform our own relationships with Him today.

这使我们回到了一个完整的圈子,为什么要去教堂?因为教会不是’t您要去的地方 。教堂是 。教堂是 你的朋友;教堂也是 那 person 您 disagree with (否则称为 你的敌人,你应该为谁祈祷,顺便拍一下另一只脸颊)。

虽然我认为教堂需要做出一些重大改变才能保持与时俱进,但我还要补充一点,如果千禧一代(再次在这里插入您所属于的任何一代人)想要将他们的缺席归咎于教堂本身,那么他们可以这样做,但是那个’s too easy. “They just 不要’在教会里不了解我”是个警察。我并不是要听起来好像我在否认教会在这个艰难的过渡时期要占据很多地方。只是我’我厌倦了听到人们对教会的看法’迎合了特定的一代’的心态。如果您有这种感觉,那么您就不会去适合您的教堂。找到一个能做到的。更好的是,找到改变教会以适应参加会议的人群的方法。但放弃并责怪教会—所有教会–is unfair.